Educational Services

These Services are Free of Charge and Offered at Both Offices


Childbirth Education

You (and your support person) will meet with our childbirth educator to develop an individualized labor plan.  These classes meet from 1-4 sessions.  You will have opportunity to review normal pregnancy discomforts, labor breathing techniques, comfort measures in labor, medications and pain relief options.  Unplanned Cesarean Delivery is also discussed. 

Gestation Diabetes Teaching

Should you find yourself diagnosed with gestational diabetes, our nurse educator will meet with you to discuss what this diagnosis means.  You will learn how to control your blood sugars and how to check them daily.  

Lactation Services

If you find breastfeeding to be more challenging than anticipated, our nurse educators are here to help!  Please call the office if you are experiences any challenges and we can schedule you an appointment to meet one on one.

Baby Care

Our nurse educators are able to review basic baby care with you.  Topics covered are feeding, diapering, bathing, and safety.