Mother/Baby Links

Mother/Baby Links

Regional Perinatal Center: For high risk pregnancies.

Gestational Diabetes:  Diabetes information.  tips for managing you diabetes and recipes

MamaBirth Yoga:  Supporting women in the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood with yoga

Basic Baby:  Helping you from pregnancy to potty training

Itchy Moms:  A support website for Obstetric Cholestasis. 
*If you experience extreme itching, speak to your provider.

Birth Plan:  A site to help you design your own birth plan.

Webster Technique:  Dr. Goldych is certified in Webster Technique, which is specifically designed for pregnant women.  It is a safe and gentle technique for expecting mothers that present breech, posterior, or transverse.  There has been a high reported success rate of the baby turning to the normal vertex position

Belly Casting:  celebrate and honor the profound experience of creating human life

Blessing Way: A ceremony to provide the mother-to-be with a big boost of encouragement through the love and support of the women in her life to whom she feels the deepest connection

La Leche League: an organization to help mothers breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, education and information.

Breastfeeding & Post Partum Support:  Nurturing care for mom and her family

Shutterfly:  a free photo hosting site where you can share your photos with long-distance relatives and friends.

Blogger:  create a free web journal about your pregnancy, motherhood, or family this one.

The Child Health Site: An organization that donates free health services to children in need around the world just by visitng their website!  "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

Mothering Magazine : a magazine and website of natural family. living.

Conceive Magazine : a magazine and website celebrating the creation of families.  (They have a free ovulation predictor.)

Pregnancy Weekly : a personalized pregnancy calender and e-newsletter.

Dads & Daughters: Guiding dads on how to build healthy self-esteem in their daughters.

Raising a Daughter: Support and ideas to make parenting of daughters smoother.

The Natural Child Project: Resources for Caring Parents

Working Mother : a magazine and website that provides strategies and solutions for working mothers and female business owners.

Prevent Child Abuse:  Be a part of the solution.

Postpartum Support International:  You are not alone.  You are not to blame.