Planning Your Visit

Couples who may be interested with meeting with a provider

  • Anyone who has been trying to conceive for one year without success
  • Anyone 35 years or older  who has been trying to conceive  for 6 months without success
  • Anyone with irregular cycle who is trying to conceive
  • Anyone interested in procreative counseling


If you are having trouble conceiving, you may be interested in meeting with a provider. Your provider will assist you in giving the tools and knowledge in achieving a pregnancy. During your visit, we will review your menstrual history.  It is helpful if you bring a menstrual calendar with you with at least 3 months of cycles recorded.  We will review any previous testing you may already done.  If you had some testing done with another provider, please have all records available for review.  We will review your reproductive health, how to optimize conception, and causes of infertility.  Your provider will help you to determine when in your cycle you are most fertile as well as discuss diagnostics and treatment options if necessary.