Third Trimester

                                   Third Trimester

"...then the babe knew that it wouldn't be long now, and the moon shone a little brighter, for although many people think that the moon gets its light from reflection, it is love which is the source of all light.  And the baby laughed."  - Sherril Jaffe (from The Baby Laughs)

As you enter the final trimester of pregnancy, you may feel more sensitive, emotional, or anxious.  These feelings are common.  We encourage you to speak to your provider about these feelings.  In the third trimester you will meet with your provider every 1-2 weeks.  Your providers will also begin talking with you about your hospital stay and discharge planning.

Your baby will be tested for a number of genetic disorders in the hospital.  The results will be reported back to your pediatrician.

During the third trimester we offer:

*Emotional counseling

*Postpartum information

*Massage therapy

*Gestational Diabetes testing

*On-site education:

  • Labor classes
  • Gestational Diabetes teaching
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Personalized Newborn Care with special attention to SIDS and safety

Your provider may talk with you about the use of evening primrose oil after 36 weeks to help get your cervix ready for labor.



After baby...the care doesn't end with the birth of your child.  Please visit our Well Woman section to see other services we provide.