Watch Me Grow

Watch Me Grow - Teen Pregnancy Program

The program is free of charge!

The mission of this program is to provide our adolescent patients with opportunities to explore their feelings regarding their pregnancy and sexuality from a holistic approach in a caring and respectful atomosphere.  We provide instruction with concrete facts to increase their sexual literacy and empower them to take charge of thier lives through responsible decision making.

Key Elements:
* Foster self esteem
* Class atmosphere is supportive and caring
* Strengthen communication skills to say no or use safe sex
* Increase knowledge about sexuality, pregnancy and contraception


To enhance participation in the program, the teen moms are scheduled for one-on-one classes with Sue at the same time as the regularly scheduled prenatal visit.  The classes include information on:

*Pregnancy weight gain
*Pregnancy exercise
*Physical changes and minor discomforts
*Warning signs
*STDs and AIDS
*Baby Care
*Postpartum adjustment