Well Woman Links


Well Woman Links

Dr. Robert Kiltz:  CNY Fertility Center


* Crouse Imaging

* St. Joe's Imaging




The Breast Cancer Site:  An organization that donates free mammograms to women in need just by visiting their website.  "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

Ovarian Cancer Support:  National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

The Living Matrix:  New insight into our bodies, minds and health

Real Women Project: Imagine a world radiantly lit by the true beauty and wisdom of women.

*10 Tips to Healthy Self-esteem

Ophelia's Place: A warm, cozy safe haven for all those affected by eating disorders.

Body Positive: Feel good in the body you have!

Implanon: A new choice in contraception.

Lupron Depo:  Lupron depo.  information for patients prescribed lupron for fibroid treatment or endometriosis management.

Women and Aging:

Hysterectomy Support:  Woman to woman  hysterectomy support

Love is NOT abuse: break the silence!

Vera House:  The mission of Vera House is to end all domestic violence and sexual violence, to assist families in crisis, to support those affected by domestic and sexual violence to live safe, self-sufficient lives, to empower women and children and to promote a culture of equality and respect in relationships.

Natur-Tyme:  CNY's premier nutritional headquarters.

Diabetes Management: tips for managing your diabetes and recipes

About Face: An organization dedicated to realistic and respectful treatment and imagery of women in the media.

Not Too Pretty: Information regarding harmful chemicals in certain cosmetics.

Health Care Without Harm : The campaign for environmentally responsible health care.

Conceive Magazine : a magazine and website celebrating the creation of families.  (They have a free ovulation predictor.)